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Join the Sterf Alumni page by selecting our school on our Linked In profile:


We would love to have a network of former pupils and staff who can support our school. You may want to find out what others are up to but you may also feel you want to share your successes with current pupils.

We regularly have business events where speakers are asked to talk about their lives and careers. We also welcome the opportunity to connect with local business to network and give our pupils more opportunities in the world of work.

If you feel you would like to speak at one of our events or provide business experience, a club or just friendly advice to our pupils about the world of work then plus do get in touch via the office or our Linked In page.

We are so proud of our school, staff and pupils, present and former. We hope this will allow pupils and staff to continue to share good memories of Sterf and continue our core values of Service, Excellent, Respect and Faith.