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Curriculum Structure

“The curriculum is so much necessary raw material, but warmth is the vital element for the growing plant and for the soul of the child.”   Carl Jung




Key Stage 2 Provision

Key Stage 2 curriculum delivers a full 25 hours to all children in Years 5 and 6 plus any extra-curricular activities and enrichment events.

Year 5 Year 6
Art 1 1
Communications in LCS 1
Computing 1 1
Design Technology 1 1
French 1 1
Geography in LCS 1
History in LCS 1
LCS / Literacy 9 5
Maths 5 5
Music 1 1
PE 2 2
Religious Education 1 2
Science 3 3
TOTAL 25 25

Classes in Year 5 are taught as mixed-ability groups.  The Literacy teacher will also teach PSHE as well as humanities as Literacy and Combined Studies (LCS).  This enables teachers to know their students in depth early on and to help them settle through transition.  It offers a strong bridge between the ‘primary’ model of First School and the final year of KS2. 

Classes in Year 6 are taught as mixed-ability groups apart from Maths and English where five teachers are available and there is a top group, three middle groups and one lower ability group.

History / Geography in Year 6 will show as Humanities in order for the teacher to have more flexibility in planning and assessing the programme of study, i.e. they can teach both lessons in a week as history rather than always having to stick to one of each per week.

Key Stage 3 Provision

Key Stage 3 curriculum delivers a full 25 hours per week plus extra-curricular activities and enrichment events.

Year 7 Year 8
Art 1 1
Computing 1 1
Creative Arts 1 1
Drama 1 0
Design Technology 1 1
English 4 4
French 2 2
Geography 1 1
History 1 1
Maths 4 4
Music 1 1
Options 0 1
PE 2 2
Religious Education 2 2
Science 3 3
TOTAL 25 25

In Year 7, 120 pupils are organised into 4 teaching groups.  These are mixed ability tutor groups for many subjects but there is some differentiation in Science and French.  Two tutor groups are mixed together and in some lessons banded in two groups: the groups are planned to ensure they are balanced in terms of ability and social mix.  DT is taught in 3 groups for each half of the cohort (60 pupils).  Creative Arts (CA) includes additional Art, Music and DT modules plus additional PSHE learning.  Drama in Year 7 will complement the English curriculum.

In Year 8 arrangements are the same as Year 7.  However, instead of drama there is a lesson of options subjects (guided preferences): from Italian, Advanced Computer Science, Advanced Music, Media Studies & Drama, Applied Sport and Exercise.  This ‘Options’ lesson is strongly linked to our careers programme, both through the process of choosing and through explicit links to careers related to the subject including visiting speakers.

At St. Edward’s Royal Free we aim to meet all intentions laid out in the 2019 Ofsted framework documentation as well as all National curriculum requirements.