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 The Library is open Monday – Friday (8.30am-4.30pm*).

Our after school provision is open daily in the school library from 3.00pm to 4.30pm.  You can book a place for your child on a session by session basis and the charge for this is £3 per session. 

Within the library we have over 5,000 books (fiction and non-fiction).  Non-fiction is chosen to support the curriculum within school and also some fun genre to encourage research and enjoyment.  Fiction books are updated regularly to include newly published or old favourites. 

We have 18 librarians who all work one break and lunchtime per week to help with the smooth running of the library.  The librarians are selected from Year 7 in the Autumn term.

We have 21 computers with internet access available to pupils during opening hours for research, learning through play and to help with homework. Alongside the desktop computers, we have 15 tablet computers that teachers can book out to use with classes. 

Pupils and staff use the Accelerated Reader Program to enhance the learning experience. The program gives accurate reports on each individual’s reading age, national curriculum level and ZPD.  This information comes from the pupils taking a Star Test which results in each pupil given a range in which they can choose books to read and then when finished take a quiz related to the book. This then gives each pupil a chance to improve their scores by choosing and reading material suitable for their reading age.