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School Uniform

We encourage children to take a pride in wearing their school uniform.  Badged items and ties are available to order from Goyals at 28 Bridge Street, Maidenhead, SL6 8BJ (Telephone: 01628 639725).  They may also be bought online at https://goyalsmaidenhead.co.uk. This includes school jumpers, summer uniform shirts and PE shirts.  Other items are available in the shop or you may find them in local stores, but please note our preferred style and colours for skirts and trousers. 

There is a second-hand uniform shop run by the PSA.  For more information, visit: https://www.pta-events.co.uk/sterfpsa

Personal Appearance

All pupils should travel to school looking smart but conventional - no extreme haircuts such as shaven heads / No.1s, patterns in hair or bleach / artificial colours please.  Hair should be neat and, if long, tied back, done so with a plain dark blue, grey, white or black band.  Trainers are encouraged at playtime on the playground / field but not on journeys to and from school.

Jewellery is not permitted apart from one pair of plain stud earrings.  Some pupils do wear jewellery for religious reasons but with discretion.

Nail varnish is not permitted, neither is any visible make-up.

Labelling Uniforms

Please ensure that all uniform items are clearly labelled with your child's name.

Our PSA have organised a link with Stikins who sell labels which require no sewing or ironing.  If you order labels through Stikins, you will be helping to raise funds for the school.

Order at www.stikins.co.uk and quote fundraising number 19376.

Everyday Wear

Optional Summer Uniform (Easter - End of July)

PE Uniform


Optional Extras


All clothing and equipment must be clearly named.

Children should provide their own pencils, coloured pencils, felt pens, 30cm ruler, pair of compasses, protractor and calculator.

All children will need a Berol or cartridge pen for use in school.  Pupils should not bring expensive fountain pens or other items into school.