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House System

St. Edward's Royal Free is divided into four Houses, each bearing the name of a Saint: Alban, Bede, Columba and Dunstan. The Houses compete throughout the school year, by earning House Points for various events, for the House Cup. Each House elects two House Captains (Y8) and two Vice Captains (Y7) at the beginning of the year.

The Captains represent them in competitions and organise teams and House events. Houses at St. Edward's Royal Free are the living and learning communities for all pupils. Each House is under the authority of one of the senior members of staff. The Heads of the Houses are in charge of giving their pupils important information and rallying their troops at termly House Meetings!

 Below are the house competitions running this year.

House competition


Accelerated reader

All terms

House public speaking

Term 1

Sports competitions

All terms

Singing competition

Term 4

Masterchef competition

Term 5/6